I moved and now I need to update my shipping address before my order ships.




  • Bradford Fox

    Sorry I can't keep going in circles

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  • Shawna Tracy

    So this is Shawna Tracy my email is shawnatracy766@gmail.com and for the past 2 months now I haven’t received my orders cause I’ve moved and I’ve thought tht they were just delivered by the regular post office and I was incorrect so I need u to send my product to 1200 WWeiland Lane
    Appleton , Wi 54914 asap please and can I get a refund or any kind of reembursement or my last 2 orders shipped to my new address please cause I’m not happy and I can’t get into the old building I used to live in ! It’s a secured locked building and I didn’t realize it was shipped by out and delivered by a company and I want my other product for the past 2 months I went and talked to the manager and she stated tht she hasn’t seen any boxes or shipments of anything getting delivered to the building for me so either the she’s lieing or the new person living in my old apartment is stealing and using my products for free I’m not a happy camper and I can’t seem to figure out how to change it on the website by myself I’ve been tring for over 2 hrs now and I’m done dealing with it it so please have this shipment sent to the new address please and thank you very much and let me know ASAP wat u guys plan on doin about my previous last 2 months of shipments cause as of right now I have all my mail being held for me at the Neenah post office in Neenah , Wi cause I’m currently homeless so I’m using my parents address for the time being they gave me specific permission to do so so I want my and am expecting my products to be shown up at tht 1200 WWeiland Lane
    Appleton , Wi 54914 so please get a hold of me aaSAP please I’m not a very happy customer at this very point in time

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